degen fashion showCourtesy of DegenThe Degen spring 2016 collection.

Each year, thousands of people flock to New York City to see the cutting-edge designs being shown at Fashion Week. From established designers like Givenchy and Betsey Johnson, to shows inspired by Tumblr and The Fat Jew, there was no shortage of creativity in this fall’s lineup.When Tech Insider heard there was going to be a fashion show based entirely on the children’s TV show “My Little Pony,” we jumped at the chance to check out what would surely be a show to remember.

In case you’re not familiar, the “My Little Pony” brand has been around since the 1980s. The plastic rainbow ponies, complete with flowing manes, are sold as toys and have even starred in their own television shows. The latest iteration, “Friendship is Magic,” airs Saturdays on theDiscovery Family channel, if you’re looking to tune in.

“My Little Pony” isn’t just for kids anymore, though. The ponies have garnered a cult following among millennials, who love the whimsy and nostalgia they provide. There’s even a special term for young men who are obsessed with them: “bronies.”

Produced by designer Lindsay Degen, the collection featured 15 vibrant looks inspired by everyone’s favorite magical ponies.

Keep reading to find out what it’s like to attend a My Little Pony-themed fashion show.